I bruised you

I bruised you and I cruised you
Like a ship cruises the sea
Then u filled the vessels edges
Then u started cruising me

Then we couldn’t tell the waters
And the sides of our door
And we started sending earthquakes
To each other’s dried up shore

Let us part the waters baby
Ask for miracles tonight
Let us walk the path and maybe
We’ll be left with what is right

Flowers only can be offered
While not wearing dirty boots
While we wash our feet with sunrise
Cleaning dust and dirty roots

Say you love me from your future
I will shout it back to you
Show your soul in thousand questions
And my soul is asking through

I am only using big words
Cause I miss the little things
Stretching out my begging bowl
Asking for a pair of wings

And I swear they’re not for flying
Only need them cause you’re cold
Let me wrap feathers around you
While your wings slowly unfold


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